Leggat McCall Properties is a provider of real estate development services and an opportunistic investor in and around the Boston real estate market. LMP specializes in complex, mixed-use development and value-add investment opportunities within the rapidly growing academic, healthcare, and life sciences industries.

Established in 1965, Leggat McCall Properties has been associated with New England real estate for more than half a century.  LMP is a developer, investor, and project advisor, and is recognized within the real estate industry to be an expert in the entire value creation and project delivery process. The company is considered one of the largest firms of its type in New England.  In the past 10 years, LMP has overseen $10 billion and 42 million SF worth of projects with its 545-person staff.  During this period LMP has invested in $3 billion worth of projects on the principal investment side.

While at Berkshire, the Broadview team acquired an interest in LMP’s development services company and made a commitment to provide GP equity to capitalize the firm’s principal investment business.