Partnership Advantages

Why Broadview

Broadview has the knowledge and experience to grow real estate operating companies. The following attributes make Broadview a compelling sponsor for platforms seeking capital and a long-term partner in their businesses:

Broadview Capital Uses

Entity Support Capital

Broadview commits capital to support overhead and facilitate platform operational growth, which allows for increased transaction volume.

Asset Level Investment

Broadview’s GP investment enables partners to increase their co-investment level in assets, which can help to improve joint venture terms with capital partners.  Broadview has the capacity to provide both LP and GP capital on smaller transactions as selected by Broadview.

Pre-Development / Pursuit Cost Funding

Broadview has the ability to fund pre-development costs and pursuit costs prior to when a JV capital partner comes into a transaction.

Balance Sheet

Broadview can offer a range of additional support to partners including options to bolster balance sheet capacity.

Broadview Strategic Benefits

Streamlined Decision-Making

Broadview works hard to provide guidance and decisions in an efficient manner to meet tight investment timetables.

Capital Partner and Lender Relationships

The Broadview team has access to an extensive network of institutional capital partners and lenders. Team members have spent the majority of their careers as limited partner capital providers and have a deep understanding of important negotiating points.

Strategic Input

As members on a platform’s board of directors, our team can provide valuable advice regarding strategic focus, capital markets, and investor relations.