Investment Approach and Structures

Investment Approach

Broadview seeks to make investments in and partner with real estate operating and development companies through programmatic GP ventures or at the entity-level as well as programmatic LP investments in niche small asset acquisitions.  The Company targets investments in asset classes across the real estate sector.  Investments may include platforms that focus on a single property type in a particular region of the US or on a national basis.  Alternatively, Broadview may invest with companies that acquire and develop different property types within a single metro area, typically in a gateway market.

Broadview’s Partners

Broadview generally targets high potential small to mid-size platforms with experienced management teams and a proven track record of success.  Broadview’s partners are expected to demonstrate value-add execution capability through experience with development, redevelopment, renovations, leasing, and property operations.

For programmatic GP strategies, Broadview is focused on investments offering higher yielding opportunities including development, redevelopment and value-add acquisitions. For programmatic LP strategies, Broadview seeks value-add acquisitions with the potential for portfolio exists to large institutional investors.

Investment Structure Examples

Broadview partners invests with its operating platforms through a variety of structures including:

Entity-Level Investments in New Operating Platforms

Broadview and management teams will form a new venture to invest in both the operating company and real estate investments (through joint ventures with capital partners).

Entity-Level Investments in Existing Platforms

Broadview will acquire an ownership interest in an existing real estate company and provide capital to support operational growth and for GP equity in new investments.

GP Programmatic Investments

Broadview and management teams will form a new venture to pursue and invest in new developments and acquisitions through joint ventures with capital partners.  Broadview will not have an ownership interest in the operating company.

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